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Collaborators & Data

Are you a graduate trainee interested in answering public health research questions to service vulnerable populations? I work with researchers across Canada to provide you with access to a wealth of primary and secondary data (see below). 


The Canadian Co-infection Cohort (CCC) is the largest prospective observational study that actively follows people living with both HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) in the world. Since 2007, the CIHR has funded this cohort to actively follow patients from diverse centers including hospital clinics, community care, and outreach settings in both urban and rural areas across Canada.

Clinical, psycho-social and demographic data is collected semiannually allowing CCC investigators and collaborators to study a wide range of health issues related to HIV-HCV co-infection.

PI: Marina Klein, McGill University

Selected Publication: 

Saeed S, Strumpf EC, Moodie EE, Wong L, Cox J, Wong A, Walmsley S, Tyndall M, Cooper C, Conway B, Hull M, Martel-Laferriere V, Gill J, Wong A, Vachon ML, Klein MB; Canadian Co-Infection Cohort Study. Eliminating Structural Barriers: The Impact of Unrestricted Access on Hepatitis C Treatment Uptake among People Living with HIV. Clin Inf Dis. 2020. 71(2): 363-71

The role of fatty liver in the epidemic of advanced chronic liver disease among people living with HIV

Liver cirrhosis is now a leading cause of premature mortality in people living with HIV (PLHIV). However, the contribution of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) to this epidemic is unknown PI: Giada Sebastiani, McGill University

This research is motivated by the following  questions:

  1. Is NAFLD associated with incident liver cirrhosis in PLHIV?

  2. Among PLHIV with NAFLD, is the severity of NAFLD associated with faster progression to liver cirrhosis?

  3. What are the modifiable predictors of NAFLD that can be potentially targeted to reduce incident cirrhosis in PLHIV?

Selected Publications: 

Sebastiani G, Milic J, Cervo A, Saeed S, Krahn T, Kablawi D, Al Hinai AS, Lebouché B, Wong P, Deschenes M, Gioe C, Cascio A, Mazzola G, Guaraldi G. Two-tier care pathways for liver fibrosis associated to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in HIV mono-infected patients. J Pers Med. 2022. 12(2): 282

Sebastiani G, Saeed S, LeBoucher B, de Pokomandy A, Szabo J, Haraoui LP, Routy JP, Wong P, Deschenes M, Ghali P, Klein MB, for the LIVEHIV Study Group. Vitamin E is an Effective Treatment for Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis in HIV Mono-Infected Patients. AIDS. 2020. 34(2): 237-244

fatty liver.webp

Leveraging high-volume data to characterize age and individual-specific vital signs and to develop novel geriatric vital signs that optimally predict clinical outcomes in older adults

CIHR Project Grant (March 2022) 

PI: Quoc Nguyen, University of Montreal 

Harnessing Mobility Data to inform Public Health Decision Making

Selected Publication: 

Her PH*, Saeed S*, Tram KH, Bhatnagar SR. Novel mobility index tracks COVID-19 transmission following stay-at-home orders. Sci Rep 2022. 12, 7654  *Equal contribution

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NeoCardio Lab

A research laboratory,  interested in clinical and epidemiological neonatal cardiovascular research.

PI: Dr. Gabriel Altit 

Selected Publication: 

Altit G, Saeed S, Beltempo M, Claveau M, Lapointe A et al. Outcomes of extremely premature infants comparing patent ductus arteriosus management approaches The Journal of Pediatrics, 2021

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